Selection Process

The selection process involves an initial discussion about the role with a number of trustees, completion of an application pack, with an invitation to attend as an observer at a charity trustees’ meeting if the trustees consider this to be appropriate.

If the trustees seek to take the application further, you will be invited for an interview with the trustees who will make the final decision.

Title and Name *
Title and Name
Prefered Contact Number
Prefered Contact Number
Please includes Dates (From and To), University / College / Employment and the Qualification / Position Held
Please includes Dates (From and To), Charity and the Position Held and Nature of Role
- Why you want to become a board member of ABF? - What specific skills, qualifications and experience would you bring to ABF? - Please give any other information which you feel would support your application.
Include Name of the professional bodies and the level of membership.
Please give details of any business or other interests which might give rise to conflict of interest. How you would address this issue should you be successful in your application?

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