Prior to 2016 the ABF has given grants to visual artists and makers in any medium and some of their work is shown here.


Keef Winter

Keef Winter creates sculpture and installations in an extraordinary range of materials. In May 2015 he put on a solo exhibition at the House of St Barnabas in Soho. ‘It is an exclusive members club that houses rotating curated shows throughout the beautiful Victorian complex’. Keef has made two very large new sculptures for the club’s ‘Garden Space’, called ‘Centre Point’. They refer to the modernist high-rise building that is in clear view from the garden.

Laura SParks.jpg

Laura Sparks

After completing a degree in Drama, Laura began to explore different ways of telling stories. She was attracted to stop-motion animation techniques and has now established herself successfully in this field. The ABF award has helped her replace and update her camera and equipment allowing her to produce work of a high technical standard.

Tristram Aver.jpg

Tristram Aver

Tristram is an artist and curator working in the East Midlands. He uses innovative painting and installation techniques to explore late Eighteenth/early Nineteenth century references to ‘Britishness’ as found in landscapes, animal portraits, pastoral scenes and wallpaper designs. His images bring these icons into contact with the present – a world saturated by advertising slogans, technology and the internet.

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Michael Forbes

A fine art photographer for over 10 years, Michael is inspired to make art which explores his personal and cultural experience as an African Caribbean man. ‘Souls of the Diaspora’ is a photo documentary project on teenagers – their interactions, peer pressure, fashion and their bodies. It is a good example of the themes that dominate Michael’s work: education, poverty, race, masculinity, fashion, wealth and the nature of success.


Nicholas Bush

Using traditional media to create large scale oil paintings, Nicholas works from his immediate surroundings. He makes sketchbook drawings and notes of the East Sussex landscape through direct observation and memory.


Carwyn Evans

Carwyn’s practice ranges over mixed media, photography and installation. Rooted in his personal and cultural experiences, the work reaches out to broader social and political change. Much of his work focuses on generational migration from rural to urban environments and the impact this has on the individual lives of these ‘internal emigres’.


Chris Jennings

Chris Jennings is a painter who has also worked in many different media: photography; film and three-dimensional media. The relationship between two – and three-dimensional work has been of key importance to his practice. The initial concepts for his paintings are often prepared with small wooden maquettes. He has collaborated on many occasions with composers, choreographers and musicians. Much of his recent work has evolved from studying the forms, and pictorial language of early Renaissance painting, particularly Duccio.

The illustrations show pieces from Attachments and Separations, which was exhibited in 2008. The series includes four vertical diptychs, each a pair of canvases canted together at an angle from the wall. The exhibition included drawings and maquettes intended to ‘involve us in the time of manufacture, the physical activity of painting’.


George Hardy

George Hardy has been drawing since he was old enough to pick up a pencil.  He began by drawing people, cartoons and dinosaurs.  Following study at the University of Lincoln and work in galleries and as an assistant to a sculptor, he continues to draw people, cartoons and dinosaurs.  His portraits of people he knows well are particularly striking.  Drawn to a large scale they represent a technical tour de force in the use of biro.