We welcome donations from institutions and individuals.  We believe that in a period of financial constraint, protecting and fostering artistic talent is an investment in the future.  Support for artists is essential for the continued vitality of Britain’s cultural life and international reputation.  We would like to hear from major companies in the creative industries and from large corporations committed to support for the arts.  The ABF provides a reliable and effective framework through which funds can be channelled to help individual artists of merit.

We also believe that many people who have been involved in the arts or arts education are committed to helping artists.  Here again, the ABF provides an ideal framework for relativity small donations or bequests which will add to our resources and help build up income.

For more information contact:

The Secretary
Artists’ Benevolent Fund
31 Freston Gardens
Herts EN4 9LX

Telephone: 020 8351 6133

The Artists Benevolent Fund would be very grateful for the donation, which will be used in various means of support of artists in need.

The bank account is CAF Bank, Artists Benevolent Fund:
Account 00023217

Alternatively, cheques can be sent to the charity address at 31 Freston Gardens, Barnet, Herts EN4 9LX