Chris Jennings

Chris Jennings is a painter who has also worked in many different media: photography; film and three-dimensional media. The relationship between two – and three-dimensional work has been of key importance to his practice. The initial concepts for his paintings are often prepared with small wooden maquettes. He has collaborated on many occasions with composers, choreographers and musicians. Much of his recent work has evolved from studying the forms, pictorial language of early Renaissance painting, particularly Duccio.

The illustrations show pieces from Attachments and Separations, which was exhibited in 2008. The series includes four vertical diptychs, each a pair of canvases canted together at an angle from the wall. The exhibition included drawings and maquettes intended to ‘involve us in the time of manufacture, the physical activity of painting’.

  • Fractured A Frame 2007, oil on canvas 60 x 36 in
  • Tribute: The Bijani Twins 2007, oil on canvas 60 x 40 in
  • Exhibition at Unit 2 Gallery, London
  • Twisted Structure 2007, oil on canvas 52 x 40 in