Seeking new trustees

We are looking for people with the experience and skills needed for the charity to fulfil its current objectives and to deliver the ambitious plans for the future as we develop our grants programme. Find out more information about becoming a trustee of the charity.


Having identified the needs of artists and in continuing to serve the objects of the charity, we are currently partnering with academic institutions for provision of grant funding.  We are therefore not responding to any grant requests from individual artists and their dependents.

Sustaining a Career

  • Taking part in an exhibition or taking on a commission may need research, the up-front purchase of materials, costs of production, transport and installation.

  • We understand that to be successful an artist needs to have their work seen.  We will consider funding some of the costs of exhibiting.

  • New forms such as video, installations and digital media have their own technical problems and often require access to specialist expertise and equipment.  We welcome applications for these as well as traditional media.

  • Since making its first two grants in 2013, the ABF has made awards to six more artists, including Keef Winter. He has been able to buy a high-end MIG welder to prepare work for his solo show at St Barnabas in Soho.

  • ABF made a grant to Nicholas Bush to enable him to replace many of the materials lost in a fire which damaged his studio in 2014.

Many talented artists face difficulty in sustaining a fully professional career.  They may need funds to enable them to overcome mental or physical disability; they may need one-off support to enable them to carry on their work or take an opportunity to exhibit, publish a catalogue or take on a commission.  It is in such cases as these that the Fund can offer help once real professional need has been established.

See News and Awards for details of our latest grants.


The grant will allow me to make new work and purchase equipment that will support my long-term aims and aspirations
Michael Forbes, artist
The grant allowed me the funding to produce an exhibition of high quality artwork and enabled me to have all the pieces framed and made ready for the show ... as a direct result, I have received 10 enquiries for large-scale commission pieces, 4 of which have been confirmed.
George Hardy, artist
There is only a tenuous link between artistic merit and financial success. For more than two hundred years the Artists’ Benevolent Fund has been supporting significant artists in need. Contributions, both large and small, can make an enormous difference to individuals and to artistic life in this country. Please give generously
Sir Nicholas Serota, Director, Tate Galleries
I write to thank you for your most generous grant. It will make a huge difference to my situation at the studio …
Chris Jennings, artist, 2013